The Children’s Rescue Fund is constantly looking to employ excellence & talent with people who share similar values.

The Children’s Rescue Fund [CRF] seeks to employ talented individuals that are suited to the population we serve. We have a rewarding and competitive employee benefit package with perks that will get you started on a successful career path. Our temporary shelter programs focus on vulnerable and displaced families who are homeless and in need of rehabilitation and empowerment services. We provide services that support and assist our families with navigating through various systems to address their needs, as well as, promote skills necessary for independent living. If you are interested in a career with the Children’s Rescue Fund, please submit your cover letter and resume to: 

– Social Worker
Coordination and delivery of mental health and related services to aid in the development process of homeless families. Responsibilities to thoroughly assess families’ long-term goals and collaborate with case managers to develop goals and community linkages to successfully achieve objectives.

– Senior Caseworker
Provide casework services to aid in transitioning families to an independent life. Expertise includes assessment, counseling, crisis intervention, referrals and advocacy in ensuring an efficient social service plan to support successful relocations. Assisting Casework Supervisor in providing guidance to social service staff is also a necessary part of this position.

– Caseworker
Provide assessment counseling, crisis intervention, referral, and advocacy services to, support social services plans and, advance successful relocation of families to permanent housing.

– Housing Relocation Specialist
Identify, research, and disseminate information on housing resources and facilities beneficial to the smooth relocation of families in our temporary shelter apartments.

– Operations Specialist
Work with Operations Manager to ensure a 300-unit transitional residence is a safe and habitable environment at all times. In addition, provide new families with an overview of the program and the Agency’s rules as it pertains to residing in the transitional setting.

– Maintenance
Responsible for routine and preventative maintenance for building interiors and exteriors including plumbing, electrical, and code compliance systems, as well as snow removal.

– Safety Monitor
Directly responsible for monitoring site activities and ensuring civility amongst residents, visitors and staff of each facility. Responsible for controlling access to facilities and reporting all conditions deemed hazardous or harmful to those we serve, the Agency, and facility. This job is subject to specified shifts and some extended hours.