The Children’s Rescue Fund. is 501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization

The Children’s Rescue Fund’s core purpose is to serve the homeless population with the services required to assist and empower them to become independent. This in turn will transition them into becoming self sufficient, motivated and productive citizens to obtain permanent housing as well as ensuring their children’s rights to education and healthcare. 

We were established and have been in operations since 1992. The Children’s Rescue Fund agency has helped and enabled thousands of families transition from homelessness to stable independent housing. We’ve able to make these accomplishments by restoring and instilling dignity, self esteem and independence so that their families and our community collectively are strengthened.

Board of Directors

Mr. Joseph DiScala- Board Chair Person

Mr. Orlando Ivey- President & CEO

Mr. Stanley E. Crump- Finance Committee Officer

Mr. Ralph Messina- Treasurer

Ms. Anesta Holder- Board Member